Sygna Bridge v1.1.0 Update Notes

We have made a few improvements from v1.0.0 to v1.1.0:

New Features

Transaction Custom Objects

  1. Address extra information: Now you can attach extra information to identify users with originator_addrs_extra in XRP destination tag, EOS memo and more.
  2. Multiple originator addresses: For Bitcoin families, you can patch multiple addresses together to send all the cryptos to multiple beneficiary addresses. Now you can attach multiple addresses with originator_addrs and beneficiary_addrs.

If the permission_status is REJECTED, now you will have to reply with BVRC to tell the originator VASP why the request is rejected.

Now originator VASPs can set a new attribute expire_date to control the life cycle of their requests.

It is a brand new API that will let VASPs to retrieve the lost transfer requests in their server downtime. We will queue up the fail API requests sent to VASPs and resent the request again if Bridge/Retry is trigger. So make sure you make this API request after you restart the server.


Data Scheme

Now you have to follow the same key value order as our API reference. The reason behind this is when signing a message as a stringify JSON object, the message order of the JSON matters. So now the Bridge server checks the order inside the request body. We recommend to use the our Support Library for better integration experience.

API key value change in request header

To align with the main stream, now we make the API key value compatible with both api_key and api-key. And we will migrate to only using api-key in the next few updates to pursuit a higher security level.