Beneficiary VASP Rejected Code

BVRC001unsupported_currencyWhen the originator VASP is going to send an unsupported currency to you.
BVRC002service_downtimeWhen your service is under downtime or you are unable to reply with the request.
BVRC003exceed_trading_volumeWhen your customer is not able to receive more transaction inflows.
BVRC004compliance_check_failWhen your customer fails your internal compliance check or the person is listed in your blacklist.
BVRC005private_info_decode_failWhen private_info can not be decoded
BVRC006private_info_wrong_formatWhen private_info can be decoded but the format is wrong
BVRC007beneficiary_name_unmatchedThe Beneficiary name does not match the Beneficiary VASP database.
BVRC008The beneficiary's wallet address does not match.The Beneficiary wallet address does not match the Beneficiary VASP database.
BVRC009One of the following Reject messages can be provided:
- The Beneficiary's local name is missing.
- The Beneficiary's phonetic name is missing
- The Beneficiary's local and phonetic names are missing.
The Beneficiary's name identifier fields provided by the Originator VASP do not meet the Beneficiary VASP's requirement.
BVRC999otherWhen the reject reason is not included in the above options, please put your customized message in the reject_message.