The API uses the following error codes:

General errors

HTTP Status CodeDescription
400Bad Request -- Your request is malformed, invalid, or you are missing parameters
401Unauthorized -- Please make sure authentication was done properly
403Forbidden -- This API request requires additional access rights.
404Not Found -- The specified entity could not be found.
500The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.

Sygna Bridge - Custom errors:

Please be noted that Sygna Gate/ Hub have dedicated Custom errors. (Working in Progress, will release soon.)

Error codeError messageDescription
010203The originator_vasp_code ${vasp_code} does not exist in sygna-bridge
010204The beneficiary_vasp_code ${vasp_code} does not exist in sygna-bridge
010205Verify originator's data signature failed
010207Verify beneficiary's signature failed
010116API key id is not valid
010211You do not have permission to access this data transfer. Please ensure that the transfer_id is correct and that you are either the Originator VASP or the Beneficiary VASP.
010213Verify originator's callback signature failed
010214Verify originator's signature failed
010215The transfer already has permission status
010216The transfer already has txid
010217The transfer already has permission status
010218The permission_status does not exist in the transfer
010219The permission_status is not ACCEPTED
010222There is no vasp_receive_url or callback_url
010319The transfer does not exist
010322There is no VASP with the query condition (VASP not exist)
010362The currency_id ${currency_id} does not exist in sygna-bridge
010363The currency_id ${currency_id} was deactivated
010365The beneficiary ${vasp_code} does not register the endpoint to provide validation of address
010367The response from the beneficiary VASP ${vasp_code} is not expected (the Beneficiary wallet address validation does not pass or the Beneficiary VASP server does not respond). Please check with the beneficiary VASP.
010368The address are not belong to the beneficiary ${vasp_code}
010380The transfer already confirmed txid
010385Target service is not supported yet
010386Target service is deactivated
010387Target service is not activated
010388Target service is expired
010389Target service would be activated at ${started}
010398The counterparty VASP (${vasp_code}) service status is ${vasp_status}.
010400This data transfer is expired based on the duration set at the beginning or set by the counterparty VASP.
010401The value of expire_date should not be set to a past time.Bridge API or with “expire_date”: 0 or a value that represents a past time.