About Sygna Bridge

API Flow

Bridge API helps VASPs to exchange required compliance information and obtain a cryptographically signed compliance record (we call it permission) before broadcasting anything to the blockchain. The complete flow works as follows:

VASP Registration and Verification

To use our API, you will need to contact us to request an API key.
Once you have successfully registered as a verified VASP in the Bridge Ecosystem, we will publish your public key along with an associated vasp_code for other VASPs to query.

Before you start a permission request, you will need to know the beneficiary's corresponding VASP of the associated transaction along with the VASP public key.

Main Permission Request Flow

During the main process of Signa Bridge's Permission Request, the originator of a cryptocurrency transaction initiates a permissionRequest and posts it to Bridge central server. The server will then relay the request to the beneficiary VASP and wait for the callback of the validation result.

Whenever the beneficiary finishes the request validation, they will post a permission back to Bridge. The server will store the data and relay the message to the originator VASP's server to complete the process.


Submit Transaction ID

When the originator VASP has successfully received the permission and a signature from the beneficiary VASP, the originator VASP can proceed with the transaction and broadcast it to the blockchain. Once the transaction has been confirmed by the network, the originator should submit the on-chain transaction ID to Bridge for future queries.