Sygna Bridge v2.0 Update Notes


  1. Version code - The new version code will be formatted into two digits-One major release and one minor release code. For example: v2.0, v2.1 and etc.
  2. New IP addresses
  • For v2.0 test environment: and
  • For v2.0 production environment: and


  1. IVMS101 - Sygna Bridge now supports the IVMS101 data standard to facilitate the sharing of compliance information across networks.
  2. API endpoint update - For example: the path is changed from to

Originator VASP

  1. Currency ID - We now support all of the cryptocurrencies and tokens.
  2. Transaction - New transaction data format supports most of cryptocurrencies and tokens in the following API:Bridge/PermissionRequest and Beneficiary/PermissionRequest.

Beneficiary VASP

  1. Error Code update - There are new error codes been updated.
  2. Beneficiary/TransactionID - After the blockchain transaction has been executed by Originator VASP, Originator VASP should upload the transaction ID (transaction hash) to the Sygna (Bridge) Server. Sygna (Bridge) Server will relay the information to the Beneficiary VASP via the new API.
  3. Beneficiary/AddressValidation - A new option for Originator VASP to check if the beneficiary has the wallet address before the personal information is sent to beneficiary VASPs. You can activate this function In the Bridge/PermissionRequest API with need_validate_addr parameter to true.


  1. VAAI - Supports IVMS101 format with legal person.