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Currency ID

There are too many cryptocurrencies and coin types in the crypto space. Many services classify them as asset, coin_type, currency_id but there is no single space to collect all the cryptocurrencies and tokens.

So we use SLIP-0044 as a currency index on the GitHub repository which is maintained by over 500 contributors along with the smart contract address or property id defined in each blockchain to create a general class which supports all the currencies and tokens:
sygna:{SLIP-0044 coin type hex}.{smart contract address or token id in each public blockchain}

For example:

  1. USDT ERC-20 token
  2. USDT Omni token
  3. BitTorrent TRC-10 token
  4. USDT TRC-20 token

We have a list of supported currencies in our Bridge/Currencies API.

Updated 9 months ago

Currency ID

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