Non-interoperable VASP to Sygna VASP

If the originator VASP is not interoperable with Sygna protocol, we provide an email protocol for them to exchange the Travel Rule required information.

  1. Once receives the blockchain transaction, VASP can identify whether Travel Rule data is exchanged with the specific transaction ID or hash with our Beneficiary/TransactionID service.
  2. If no data is exchanged before, VASPs need to freeze the crediting process.
  3. By using Bridge/Wallet Address Filter, VASPs can confirm the wallet address belongs to a non-interoperable VASP. The originator VASP email and regulatory information will be provided by Sygna.
  4. VASPs can use the Sygna provided software, Sygna Hub to generate and send an email to the non-interoperable VASP.
  5. The non-interoperable VASP can reply with the Travel Rule information of their originator user by putting the information in a form through the email link.
  6. Sygna Hub software translates the form information into a machine-readable format and provides it to Sygna VASP automatically.
  7. Put the information into compliance check, including blockchain analysis and sanction name screening.
  8. If the transaction is under certain risk, credit the balance to the beneficiary.