Sygna VASP to Other-TR VASP

A Sygna VASP wants to transact with an Other-TR VASP like Netki, TRISA, Shyft, OpenVASP, etc.

  1. Users request withdrawals without a VAAI
    Originator VASP can not identify the beneficiary wallet address belonging to a Sygna VASP/ non-Sygna VASP or a private wallet. A wallet address filter API is created to solve this issue.
  2. Protocol Identification
    TRISA PayID format, Netki BIP75 wallet address, OpenVASP VAAN protocols redefine the wallet address of the VASP users into a new account number format. Shyft, USTRWG uses a wallet address bulletin board design to identify the beneficiary VASP.
    Sygna can identify the incoming account numbers that belong to which protocol.
  3. VASP Identification
    Sygna will search on different Travel Rule VASP directories to get the VASP credential.
  4. Return VASP Information
    Return the protocol which the beneficiary VASP adopts and its public key for encryption as in the VASP credential.
  5. Permission Request
    Sygna VASPs stay on the same messaging process in Originator VASP and Sygna Hub translates the formats between protocols.