Sygna VASP to non-interoperable VASP

When the beneficiary VASP implemented the protocol is not interoperable with Sygna yet or does not implement any Travel Rule protocol. We offer the email protocol to let the beneficiary VASP respond by a link in the email. Each beneficiary VASP will have to register their email address and pass the due diligence before joining the email protocol.

  1. Use Bridge/Wallet Address Filter users request an withdrawal without a VAAI or other Travel Rule information.
  2. When confirmed the wallet address belongs to a VASP but not yet interoperable with Sygna, Sygna will provide the VASP information with the VASP email and regulatory information, including where it is registered, whether licensed, etc.
  3. VASPs can use the Sygna provided software, Sygna Hub to generate and send an email to the non-interoperable VASP.
  4. The non-interoperable VASP can reply with the Travel Rule information of their beneficiary user by putting the information in a form through the email link.
  5. Sygna Hub software translates the form information into a machine-readable format and provides it to Sygna VASP automatically.
  6. The transaction ID/ hash is also shared via the same Sygna Hub email protocol.