Sygna VASP to Private Wallet

There are times that users do not provide any Travel Rule information about the beneficiary when making a withdrawal. We provide Bridge/Wallet Address Filter to help identify the type of the wallet address.

  1. When confirmed no Sygna VAAI or no other Travel Rule information is provided, use the Bridge/Wallet Address Filter to confirm whether the beneficiary wallet address is a private wallet.
  2. Once confirmed as a private wallet, VASPs have to ask the originator(VASP user) whether they are the private wallet owner.
  3. If yes, ask the user to perform a Satoshi Test by sending a specific smaller amount of crypto to an assigned wallet address from the private wallet.
  4. Once the user performs the Satoshi Test transaction, verify the amount of transfer.
  5. If the verification is passed, continue the compliance check, including blockchain analysis and sanction name screening.
  6. If the transaction risk is considered low, perform the actual blockchain transaction.